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Aviation Academy Students Will Connect With International Space Station

We have compiled and voted on the top 20 questions submitted by our students. Here are the results.

Question # Student Name Question
1 Tristen B. How has the time you spent in space affected your perspective towards the Earth’s magnificent qualities?
2 Amleen R. What are the plans for future projects?  Will you be involved?
3 Kazala B. Why are you willing to risk your life to go into space?
4 Tanner L. Are there any particular emergencies you are always preparing / training for?  What is one and what is the procedure?
5 Justin B. In life onboard the ISS, how much effort does it take to do tasks compared to life on Earth?  Can you give us an example?
6 Spencer C. What got you interested in going to space and being an astronaut and what is your favorite part of it?
7 Cantrell R. How many back flips have you done in space?  Have there been different times that you have experienced them more so than not?
8 Daniel C. Will people ever be sent to Mars?
9 Tamara S. Is it easier to tell which constellation is which one from space?
10 Shay’De T. About how long does it take to become an astronaut?  What are the minimum qualifications?
11 Kazala B. Why do you want to study space and the Earth?
12 Nathan R. What is your daily routine on the space station?  How are you able to record the data from the labs?
13 Lauren P. What is your favorite thing to do while up in space and why? 
14 Noah W. Have you taken a spacewalk?  What is it like?
15 JonHenry G. How do you stay in shape in space if there is little or no weight?  What machines do you use to stay physically fit?
16 Persia M. What recommendations do you have for future astronauts?
17 Kaitlin M. What is the average GPA you need to have to become an astronaut?  Any particular major in college?
18 Joshua B. What type of experiments do you do in space?
19 Zechariah P. How much did you weigh post-orbit?
20 Jason G. What is it like knowing that one mis-step could launch you into space?



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