School Counseling

You may arrange an appointment with the counselors via e-mail or by phone at (757) 886-2745 x.19531.

Counselor Directory

Name Phone Extension Students, Programs assigned
Tiffany Walker x. 24533 A - E and Early College
Shasta Rodriguez x. 24534 F - K
Marcellus Harris x. 24531 L - Q
Robert Mompoint x. 24532 R - Z
Serethea Brown x. 24530 ESL

The school counseling program at the Aviation Academy is a shared and collaborative effort with other educators and parents that focuses on all aspects of student learning. The mission of the program is to complement and support the state Standards of Learning for students to ensure that all graduates have the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue higher education, compete in a technologically oriented workforce, and be informed citizens. Specifically the goal of the program is to encourage all students' academic, career, personal/social development, and help all students maximize their achievement.

For more school counseling information, visit NNPS School Counseling Services.

For more information on graduation requirements (diploma types), visit NNPS High School Academics.

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